Zero miles cars taking the world for a spin

With depreciating values hovering anywhere between fifty and sixty-five percent within the first five years of purchase, cars are never an investment, but rather a necessity. This depreciating trend is the only reason why used car market has been thriving for decades. Even in a country like India, where a car manufacturer like Maruti Suzuki takes the top spot for the number of sales by volume every year, its own subsidiary Maruti Suzuki True Value takes the second spot with the sales figure, except, the latter sells used cars. In fact, Maruti Suzuki True Value surpasses several other major automotive manufacturers in India, dwarfing the sales figures of their new cars.

This may seem like an alarming trend, but any person with attention to detail and knowledge of the automotive market will understand that buying a used car makes a lot more sense as it is the best bet to avert the massive depreciation load. And this may come as a delight to those few people who prefer used cars, there is a better deal around the corner— zero mile cars— Better Than New

Ever since the word was coined, it has become a hot topic in the industry. This is a newer trend or rather the bitcoins in the automotive segment. Zero mile cars aren’t the regular run-in-the-mill cars, these are new cars but of old model or make. These are the cars may or may not be registered to the dealers, only when these dealers decide to meet their target by purchasing the cars from the manufacturer.

The world is going gaga over it, and if we may, that is the best possible way to get yourself a new car with huge benefits/Discounts. Often, these are the cars that have less than 100 km/miles on the odo and that’s because they have travelled to the very least— from manufacturers hub to the dealership. These are often parked alongside the new cars, but unlike the new ones where you need to burn a hole in your pocket, zero mile cars are often rolled out with heavy discounts and offers. So, in many ways zero milecar are a win-win for all the parties concerned.

The trend is quick catching up, making zero mile cars the safest bet for car consumers of the future. These cars come with a compelling discount over the sticker prices, and there is literally zero waiting involved as the cars are available at your nearest dealerships. Added to this, you are getting all the benefits from dealership, be it warranty from manufacturers, accessories from dealerships, among several others.

Now, to the biggest and the most important question. How do you find one? That is where come in. All you need to do is find and book from a huge collection of cars from all major manufacturers at and buy it at an authorized dealer near you at the discounted price you ticked for with And lo, you just bought yourself a new sweet smelling car at the price of a cheeky grin.

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